General Features:

  • Slick, modern cartoon look, with original characters, backgrounds and animations.
  • Satirical, comedic narrative, with a focus on witty, back-and-forth dialogue.
  • Detailed and enthralling introductory video – showcasing the scene of the crime in classic detective fiction style.
  • Incredible original soundtrack and effects created by Adam Disney and Martin Lewis. (Get in contact with them using the contact form below).


Gameplay Features:

  • Logic puzzle gameplay. Find the best way to win the case!
  • Examination, objections, cross-examination and other forms of interaction!
  • Ability to use prior witness testimony as evidence!
  • Ability to call up witnesses in the order you would like to examine them!
  • Judge anger meter – with the possibility of being thrown out of court!
  • Key decision moments where players can affect the endgame with a few possible endings!
  • Dictionary of legal terminology.